Why prenatal yoga



Here’s why I want you to come (or send someone you know) to my upcoming prenatal yoga and meditation workshop:

Connecting with your pregnancy through breath, movement and in circles of women is very special, supportive and inspiring. It’s a time for connecting to self, to other mothers, exploring choices, and experiencing the emotional landscape of our perceptions of birth, motherhood and childhood.

Yoga and meditation can help those emotions come up and breathe. So much of labour and childbirth (and motherhood!) is about the ability to let go. Actually, to let it be. 

There can be a lot of focus on the physical in pregnancy and “mind over matter” thinking cuts us off from bodily experiences. In prenatal yoga, we are:

  • connecting deeply with bodily experience and instinct
  • releasing tension and making room for emotions, for baby
  • opening to emotional availability

Some might worry about releasing emotions in pregnancy and its effects on the growing fetus. But releasing emotions can actually relax the diaphragm and literally make more space physically and emotionally for you and baby. And it lets a lot of tension go. Sometimes blocked emotions can be the cause of difficulties during childbirth — when it’s time to surrender to the power of the contractions and breathe without holding back.

Learning to connect with your feelings (and thoughts and sensations) — and with professional support, like that of a doula’s — can help you to let go when you are giving birth. Feelings lead to thoughts, and thoughts are connected to sensation. Labour and childbirth is so much about being in touch with sensation.

When sensation gets uncomfortable, how do we disconnect?

This is just a tiny peak into what we explore in the workshop. Join me on in a Journey to Motherhood workshop and contact me to tailor elements of yoga to your needs.

I’ll be at the beautiful Glow Maternity Studio in Peterborough on Saturday, April 25th, 2016. 

Register here to come Breathe. Move. Share. Bring along, or send, your friends, mothers, sisters and their friends too. It’s about your journey stepping into motherhood, feeling connected and supported.


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