Falling leaves moon

falling leaves moon

We have reaped the harvest of hard work in the garden (and fields). The jams, sauces, pickles and preserves neatly line the pantry and cold cellar like jars of summer captured in a vintage photograph.

Turning inward to our den and nest, it’s time for connecting to creative energy that patiently persisted while summer fun kept us busy. Time to tend and nurture seeds over winter, prepping for their birth in spring.

Tuning in deeply during these darker and shorter days, I allow myself to be led and held by Nature’s cycles. The leaves having blanketed the fields and forest with gold fill me with gratitude for the rhythmic changes for which our bodies are hardwired.

The frosty mornings, the dazzling sun and gusty wind through falling leaves, the flocking geese – all of this signals it’s time for reflection, time for so many things to come to an end, and begin.


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