Shine, shine, shine

winter sun

As we move through the darkest time of year and gather for celebrations of light, there is this wonderful place of pause to make room for being present and peaceful (and patient). For giving without expecting. For loving, laughing, and crying. For letting our light shine.

Nature teaches us about our own cycles of letting go. Trees in autumn let go of their leaves—they don’t hold onto them for next year. “Yet how many of us hold onto what we’ve produced or collected, those decayed leaves, that old negativity?” To reap a harvest next year, we need to make room. It suddenly dawned on me this year that it’s a seasonal, cyclical cleansing. That we don’t have to let it go all. at. once. These longer nights invite us to reflect on stories from the past year—and to release them.

As we step into winter, with autumn’s energy just at our heels having helped the old and stale in our lives fall away, each awesome rotation of the earth will now bring us increasingly longer days.

Thankfully this is gradual over the winter months and we can be kind and patient with ourselves as we tune into the pure and new—the light, the crisp air—and continue reflecting on who we are in our essence and what is most precious to us. It’s a wondrous opportunity to tap into our deeper selves and see the light inside each of us.

So let your little light shine, shine, shine…


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