Within Within. How this name came to connect the ideas I’ve had swimming around my head for the last few years. Ideas for creating a touch point for my students, teachers, for parents and all interested in a conversation about what makes us feel fully alive. Nature. Breathing. Moving. Laughing. Crying. And what holds us back? What can we uncover about ourselves within the practice of yoga and parenting?

Within Within came to me one day while thinking about the prenatal yoga I teach being rooted in The Birthing From Within approach to childbirth. And from the practice of dropping down, into and within experience. In being with how things really are. And then going a little deeper.

It is also the title of a beautiful book of poetry by award-winning writer and Zen teacher Peter Levitt. Upon learning this, I asked him if I may proceed with using Within Within for the name of my blog. And he kindly agreed — already revealing in only a brief interaction a sense of gentleness and understanding. Since reading some of his poetry and quickly becoming a follower, I’m sure you will see excerpts of his work around here quite a bit. Like this delightful morsel of humour and kindness from his book One Hundred Butterflies:

Watermelons and Zen students
grow pretty much the same way.
Long periods of sitting
until they ripen and grow
all juicy inside, but
when you knock them on the head
to see if they’re ready–
sounds like nothing’s going on.

So thank you for coming by and please look around. Come to my classes and join the conversation.



Photo by Bryonie Wise.


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