Doula Services


After the initial nervous excitement and nausea of my first pregnancy settled to a point where I could stomach more than miso soup, I knew I wanted to find a doula to support me through childbirth. I took some time to seek out the right relationship. The one I found has become a mentor and dear friend, and is why I am here today offering you or someone you know and love continuous, compassionate labour support around Northumberland & Peterborough Counties in Ontario.

A doula works with the woman’s labour and birth team in guiding a positive birth experience. A doula does not replace the midwives, nurses, doctors, partner or anyone supporting a woman during labour and birth.

Supporting mothers during labour and birth and the early postpartum chapters is ingrained in our ancestry. Studies today show that women supported by doulas feel more prepared for the birth of their baby, and have experienced fewer interventions and shorter labours.

Whatever your choice and preference for childbirth, labour is emotionally and physically challenging and a doula is useful for focusing on the mother the entire time with emotional support, effective birthing  positions and comfort measures.

The calling to attend women in labour came from my personal experience of receiving such attentive support. My training and education is ongoing to serve others and follows the path of the Birthing From Within lineage — and follows my years of working with women to prepare physically and emotionally for gentle child birth through simple and strengthening yoga and meditation practices.

I can also be there to “mother the mother” during the early postpartum months, often called the “4th Trimester.” We can tailor the following options to suit your needs: prenatal visits, continuous labour support, postpartum visits, birth planning, and guidance.

Contact me with your questions and we can work with a fee that suits your budget. I look forward to hearing from you!


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