As mother of two beautiful boys (already 6 and 8!), when I come to my yoga mat I’m quite floored at how both yoga and parenting reveal the secrets of not doing. Yoga practice teaches me to let go and simplify. Similarly, I am reminded by attachment parenting by Gordon Neufeld, and peaceful parenting advocate Naomi Aldort, that less is more.

Following 10 years of exploring yoga around Toronto, I landed at one of the city’s pioneering studios, Yogaspace, in my first pregnancy where I began to hear a soft voice growing a little louder. It was inner wisdom. I laughed and cried and prepared for childbirth. And I knew I needed to share the experience of self-discovery in this way with others. I credit my teacher, dear friend and mentor Sasha Padron, for her loving ways that taught me to trust, love and take flight. And then it finally made sense: to do something I love. I became a yoga teacher — and then a doula.

And these roles are ever-evolving, as I also grow into a mother again and again. Like yoga, I find it’s a process of connecting and understanding relationships. Being a mother is so incredibly fulfilling and challenging. I try to be mindful, gracious and full of gratitude for my family, friends, teachers and community — known and unknown. And for the teacher within my children, who mirror my actions and call to attention my strengths and weaknesses every day. They make my heart burst (and ache) with more love than I ever imagined possible.

We now live in the countryside of Northumberland County in Ontario and are planting new roots among rolling hills and forest, farmland and new friends. Come with… herehere and here. And I hope you find and share your voice from within.

Photo by Bryonie Wise.

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