Grateful for my many teachers along the way, it is an honour to share the tradition of self-study, wellness and healing that is yoga. My classes, workshops and private lessons lead movement married with breath to relieve tension, build strength and stability, and create plenty of space to free the breath — and whatever else that arises when we trust, leap and go deep.

I love to learn and have completed over 570 hours of registered teacher training at Octopus Garden and YogaSpace in Toronto, including Prenatal and Restorative Yoga for therapeutic effects.

My daily inspiration comes from soaking up nature, and from teachers like Vanda Scaravelli, whose “intelligent heart” concept is to flow with the body and emotions, and Seane Corn who teaches me again and again about vulnerability and resiliency.

In my classes, safe foundations build into freeing and rhythmic movement with breath and I look forward to sharing the experience with you!

For private or small group classes, please contact me (scroll down) to design your personally-tailored yoga practice.

“Thank you so much for your teachings! I had never really engaged with yoga until your prenatal classes… and I fell in love with the practice. Your teachings are beautiful and full of wisdom and strength. They gave me joy every week and kept me feeling engaged and centered throughout my pregnancy. Thank you so much for sharing your spirit and enthusiasm for yoga. You opened up my mind to a whole new world.” — Rhya

“I had the pleasure of taking weekly, private prenatal classes with Elizabeth in the comfort of my own home. In the last few months of my pregnancy, focusing on breathing, stretching and poses to get me prepped for labour was an incredibly welcome addition to my busy work week. I was planning a natural home birth and everything Elizabeth taught me had me primed and ready for that experience. I felt fantastic every single day, and had the most amazing sleep the night after each class. In the end, the birth of our daughter was not what I had ‘planned’ — but I realized that all of those beautiful yoga experiences with Elizabeth helped me face the unexpected in a way I wasn’t ready for prior to sharing that time with her. I credit her skilled and quiet yogic persuasion with smoothing the way for me to ‘just be’ throughout my labour, delivery and new mom experiences!” — R.H.

Contact me!

Photo by Bryonie Wise.


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